Colour Analysis


Managing your appearance is a very important part of who you are – it is a way to express yourself. By wearing the colours that compliment your colouring you will boost your confidence and bring out the best in you.

The aim of a colour consultation is to bring out the best in you, regardless of age or size.

Colour me beautiful consultants are trained in the Alfred Munsell theory of colour analysis and refer to the three Munsell characteristics – hue, value and chroma when describing colour.

During a colour me beautiful consultation we will look at your combination of hair colour, eye colour and skin tone to identify your dominant colour palette – be it light, deep, warm, cool, clear or soft. You will receive a palette of 30 colour swatches. Next we will fine tune your colours to your secondary characteristics and offer you an additional 12 colour swatches for your wallet.

You will be offered a makeover in colour me beautiful cosmetics which are specific to your colour palette. The makeup is available to purchase and take home.

You will be ‘draped’ in all your colours from the palette and be astonished at how the correct colours will make you look younger and healthier! You’ll know when the colour is right for you when your face appears to be lit from underneath, your eye colour is enhanced and your skin appears smoother, fresher and younger.

You will be given a wallet containing all your colour swatches and we will explain to you how to wear your colours and suggest suitable colour combinations, including neutral and accent colours for clothes. This will enable you to shop more efficiently.

Once you know what your most flattering colours are you will be amazed at how confident you feel and how great you look!